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I am here to help you before, during and after your trip and navigate the way during COVID-19 so you can book your next trip with confidence while there are some great deals out there! 

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What others think

martyn chapman
martyn chapman
10:00 06 Nov 21
Joanne guided my wife and I through a lovely anniversary weekend at Montville. Her knowledge and experience ensured we had a terrific accomodation package and helped organise all our meals which was essential due to all restaurants being busy. Thanks Jo!
Bevan Dunlop
Bevan Dunlop
02:07 27 Sep 21
After meeting Joanne is clear that she is dedicated to providing the best experience for her clients. In person she is enthusiastic, natural and caring, instantly putting any nervous tensions at ease. Her years of knowledge and her own extensive travel gives her the ability to provide wonderful adventures outside the box. Thanks Joanne 🙏
Kate Pattison
Kate Pattison
06:01 23 May 21
Joanne is an example on what we hope all travel agents are. She genuinely wants you to have stress-free happy holiday. She goes above and beyond. Love you Jo. Would happily recommend Maverick Travel to anyone wanting to travel stress-free even during covid
Debbie Leigh
Debbie Leigh
04:33 16 Jun 20
With a strong hospitality and travel background of my own, I have shied away from using travel agents for my regular overseas trips... until I went to Maverick Travel in Samford.I was fortunate to meet Joanne at a breakfast hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce in Samford just prior to planning my significant birthday trip to Russia. Her friendliness, bubbly personality and passion for ‘doing it right first time’ convinced me to support my local business and I decided to make an appointment to discuss my trip.My experience was exceptional. Joanne and her team are skilled professionals and quickly became trusted advisors.I was very happy with the care and attention that we were given, for what I suggest would be a relatively small return on investment for Maverick Travel. All was good to go when I collected my passports with the appropriate visa’s 4 days before flying out.Enter Lockdown for COVID19.This is really where I saw Maverick Travel’s sheer professionalism and expertise. The team were on the ball with all the relevant information, prioritising all their clients according to departure dates and destinations, keeping us informed of changes of circumstances and insurances the whole way along.In my experience, which is extensive, I have never been involved with (either working for, or the recipient of services) a business with such streamlined management and communication as Maverick Travel. I commend you all for your customer service.Working with the team through this unchartered territory for us all, has been inciteful. Joanne has not let the stress of the unknown filter through to her clients and her team keep plugging away with the constant changes and frustrations that we as the travellers have. All with a smile and a funny story to relate.We talk about ‘buy Australia’ and ‘support your local business in these tough times’. Well, I have learnt that through supporting local businesses, especially like Joanne’s, you meet wonderful people who you can trust and enjoy your experience. Additionally when things go to sh!t... it’s their professional relationships and networks with providers that can be the difference between losing your lot and creating a mutually beneficial solution.Hats off to you Joanne and Maverick Travel – I won’t be stressing over my own travel arrangements any more – I’ll be enjoying a champagne and relaxing knowing that the professionals have it in hand.
Juli Forrest
Juli Forrest
05:03 08 Jun 20
Maverick Travel is the best travel agent for anyone looking to travel to any part of the world and Australia. Jo and her team are very professional and very experienced.In recent years Jo has looked after my travels to East Africa for an African Safari, my 4 week trip to India with a group of girlfriends and a trip my husband and I took to the East Coast of the US and Canada. I could not fault the arrangements made on our behalf in any way. Nothing is too big or too small.In these uncertain times you can be sure Jo will find you the answers you are looking for and has a great range of Australian holiday ideas to add to your post-pandemic travel bucket lists.I have recommended Jo and her team to other friends and family and they support my view that Jo and her team are exceptional in their quality of care and I would highly recommend Maverick Travel Group to look after your travel needs.
Pamela Lauder
Pamela Lauder
13:56 03 May 20
Maverick Travel go above and beyond to make sure all the bases are covered for your holiday. A wealth of knowledge and experience to save you time and stress!
Marilyn Davies
Marilyn Davies
00:00 14 Nov 19
Graham PerryHaines
Graham PerryHaines
09:59 09 Aug 19
Awesome, attentive and approachable travel agents with great knowledge, experience and contacts in the industry.
Lauren Atkinson
Lauren Atkinson
06:04 11 Mar 19
Brilliant travel agency with a bright friendly knowledgeable team who have actually travelled! 100% recommend for anyone booking a special holiday to get the most out of your experience 😊
Jesskah T
Jesskah T
04:31 16 Nov 18

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