Inspirational Videos

Featured are 3 different inspirational travel videos made by different people.  

Europe with Trafalgar Tours and Etihad… Part 1: London

When I was offered a trip to Europe  for 12 days I was pretty excited. But to be honest, the excitement was more about escaping my duties as a mother and wife for 12 days. I have been to Europe a few times and I am not really a coach tour type person. Anyway, to […]

Halina’s Hints for Turkey

When sending clients to Turkey, Greece and Jordan etc. I love to use a supplier with great contacts and who knows these places inside and out. Halina from Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre is someone who has been doing this for decades and here she shares her tips on Turkey.If you wanted to treat yourself […]

SOFIA by Lauren Prokes

Don’t let the outskirts of Sofia fool you. Upon seeing some houses that had seen better days, I was then pleasantly surprised to see that the Centre of Sofia was rich in history and boasts pretty Art Nouveau Palaces (well to be honest, one Palace). Sofia is the Capital of Bulgaria and was once a […]

Korea and Taiwan by Pam C.

We are avid travellers and have travelled extensively through Asia, so we were a bit ho-hum when we decided on a trip to Korea and Taiwan, sightseeing in Seoul on our own followed by a flight to Taipei which connected with a seven-day ATM Travel tour of Taiwan.Departing Brisbane Airport on Korean Airlines, we flew […]