“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is often unaware. My job is to share these secrets with you”.

Maverick Travel

Maverick Travel has been under the current ownership since 2006 – in fact we launched this new website on the anniversary of our 10th birthday – 16th of January 2016.  During this time we have earned an exceptional level of credibility, trust and integrity from our long standing loyal client base, suppliers and local communities. We have two offices in Brisbane, one in Samford and the other in Everton Park, Australia specialising in Cruising, Group Touring and Independent Travel.

Our focus is always to ensure our clients have the travel experience they deserve.  We believe that in our heart of hearts to have the best trip you need to work with one of our highly qualified and experienced travel consultants.  We take the time to listen. We’re not order takers, we will help formulate the trip with you or for you if you like.  We will make recommendations and suggestions and then go about procuring the trip at the best price for you.   We want you to enjoy the experience of booking your trip, taking the hassle out of it for you and ensuring it’s the right trip for you.  Whether it be travel for necessity (work or compassionate reasons), the trip of a lifetime, or you’re part of one of our groups.  We aim to exceed your expectations.

We have a fantastic, experienced and knowledgeable team that will ensure your travel experience from beginning to end is seamless, we have a wealth of worldwide travel experiences and we understand that each client has different needs, expectations and goals.  More importantly, we’re there when it’s not seamless.  Your safety is paramount and we offer full after sales service. In the world of travel, endless flight cancellations, natural disasters, itinerary changes, our role when things go pear-shaped is vital and will save you untold hassles and stress.

For those of you who like to book their own travel at 9pm?  We have a solution for you too.  Your can use our online booking tools, powered by Jetmax and for assistance you can liase with our overseas staff 24/7.

Our travel purchasing tip?

Let us know well beforehand what travel plans you have. We will give you the right advice when to book and pay to ensure you get the best deal. It’s such a shame when someone comes to us with travel plans and the deals to that location at that time just finished last month.


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