Maverick Travel has been serving the local community of Samford and it’s surrounds for over 10 years.

We are proud to sponsor the following local clubs and charities:

Samford Stags Rugby League Football Club *
Samford Bowls Club *
Rotary Club of Samford *
Ferny Grove Bowls Club *
Pure Tennis Academy *
Glam It Up for Charity *
Red Shield Appeal
Enogerra Bowls Club *
Dayboro Rascals
Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
Chemmart’s Ovarian Cancer Australia *
Enogerra State School *
West Arana Hills Rugby League Club *
Samford State School *
Samford Valley Steiner School *
Childhood Cancer Support Ball
Wavell Heights Bowls Club

We receive a lot of requests for donations and sponsorships – all worthwhile causes. First and foremost we support people and organisations that in turn support us


  1. Hi Joanne and the Maverick Travel team. My husband is a frequent business traveller – unfortunate for him but fortunate for us – as we often have mileage points to utilise. We are rabid Japanophiles and once had the pleasure of living there for several years. Now we want to show our children ‘Our Japan’ and are planning a trip over sometime early next year. Mostly we are Lonely Planet travellers who plan nothing and have a wild time with four kids will definitely make spontaneous hotel stops and restaurant visits much harder to negotiate. So … I am joining your community to learn from others and also share my travel experiences. I’m sure we could be that much closer to world peace if more of the world – especially those for whom it is unattainable – could have the cross-cultural experience of world travel. Cheers! Jodie

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