Testimonial from Edwina S.

Just to say we are home. Unscathed!

The whole trip went perfectly.

I must say booking everything in advance is the answer to limited time, and, especially having Gary along. He knew what he had to be ready for each day, and it worked.!!!

Both the Hotels in Paris and Amsterdam were lovely and the Staff looked after us like Royalty. The Paris one gave us breakfast on two days earlier than they usually open due to tours Departing 6.30 am, I was most impressed. The room was recently refurbed and a quiet street.

The cruise, what can I say.
We loved it. The APT Staff are certainly a well-oiled machine!
We will definitely travel with them again.

Edwina S

Testimonial from Juli F.

With a strong hospitality and travel background of my own, I have shied away from using travel agents for my regular overseas trips… until I went to Maverick Travel in Samford.

 I was fortunate to meet Joanne at a breakfast hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce in Samford just prior to planning my significant birthday trip to Russia. Her friendliness, bubbly personality and passion for ‘doing it right first time’ convinced me to support my local business and I decided to make an appointment to discuss my trip.

My experience was exceptional. Joanne and her team are skilled professionals and quickly became trusted advisors.

I was very happy with the care and attention that we were given, for what I suggest would be a relatively small return on investment for Maverick Travel. All was good to go when I collected my passports with the appropriate visa’s 4 days before flying out.

Enter Lockdown for COVID19.

This is really where I saw Maverick Travel’s sheer professionalism and expertise. The team were on the ball with all the relevant information, prioritising all their clients according to departure dates and destinations, keeping us informed of changes of circumstances and insurances the whole way along.

In my experience, which is extensive, I have never been involved with (either working for, or the recipient of services) a business with such streamlined management and communication as Maverick Travel. I commend you all for your customer service.

Working with the team through this unchartered territory for us all, has been inciteful. Joanne has not let the stress or unknown filter through to her clients and they keep plugging away with the constant changes and frustrations that we as the travellers have. All with a smile and a funny story to relate.

We talk about ‘buy Australia’ and ‘support your local business in these tough times’. Well, I have learnt that through supporting local businesses, especially like Joanne’s, you meet wonderful people who you can trust and enjoy your experience. Additionally when things go to sh!t… it’s their professional relationships and networks with providers that can be the difference between losing your lot and creating a mutually beneficial solution.

Hats off to you Joanne and Maverick Travel – I won’t be stressing over my own travel arrangements any more – I’ll be enjoying a champagne and relaxing knowing that the professionals have it in hand.

Testimonial from Lynden C.

I want to thank you Jo for everything you did for Lola to get her home – I am so appreciative.  You literally worked a miracle for us and I don’t know how to express my gratitude appropriately.







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