2 work colleagues and I from The Africa Safari Co are chilling out on the BA6291 flight from Johannesburg South Africa to Livingstone in Zambia to spend 8 days in one of the best regions to travel in Africa, for that matter the world. You could say Africa’s adventure zone, a region which is part of 3 countries and has 2 amazing rivers flowing through it and contains one of world’s natural wonders, the Victoria Falls. It’s an area I’ve been to many times before, but I still get a buzz going there. Something about Africa, it just wants to draw you back. I’m not sure if it’s the wild African animals, the great outdoors, the people, those magnificent sunsets or the smell of the African bush. You know what, its all of the above.

14a. Africa with Ian Gore 27Jul2012 The captain announces our descent into Livingston international airport and for the passengers on the left hand side to look out and view the magnificent Victoria Falls during our approach. “Everybody to left” yells out an excited passenger up towards the front of the aircraft, yes everybody is excited.

We arrived on a typical winter’s day, clear blue skies and about 29 degress, sensational. June through to October really is the best time for this region. The Victoria Falls is one of the main features of this region, and is amazing when the river is at its fullest. This is usually between the end of February through to the end of July. The roar can be heard for kilometres, and the spray can rise nearly 200 metres.

The spray creates a mini rainforest amongst this arid landscape, and I advise to hire a poncho because you are going to get wet. You see those poor souls who aren’t doing a tour and turn down the poncho hire, crikey $2. They regret it, don’t under estimate the power of the Victoria Falls spray, you will get very wet.

Plenty of boat activity, we enjoyed 3 sunset cruises. 2 on the Zambezi near Vic Falls and one on the Chobe River in Botswana. You can’t beat a Sunset cruise on the Chobe; it’s just an amazing way to view wild animals and at the same time sipping a nice cool beverage, okay beer. The river and its banks during this time of the year are packed with Elephant, Hippos and many other animals. And to finish off, you get to view one of the best Sunsets you will ever witness.

While at the Victoria Falls we visited walking with the Lions, a money raising activity which goes to saving the Lions which are endangered in Africa. I’ve been twice now and it still blows me away, it’s great to get up close to these young lions in their natural habitat, and getting a true inside into their plight on the African continent.

We managed to squeeze in a Micro light flight over the Falls, open vehicle gaming driving, night game drives and Elephant back safari, Phew just not enough time.

Maverick Travel would like to thank Ian from The Africa Safari Co, for this article on his lastest trip last month.

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