Last month I went to Santa Monica to attend our annual Owner/Manager conference and a few of us thought we’d extend and do the drive trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. However we spotted a Tauck tour that started in San Francisco and ended in LA and fitted in perfectly before the conference so we decided to fly over early and do the tour beforehand. This saved the 5 of us worrying about what type of vehicle would hold us and all of our luggage – let’s be clear, we’re the convertible type of gals, not your 7-seater Tarago…

We choose Tauck as the itinerary went to all the places we wanted to go. The hotels throughout are five star and often unique as well. So we stayed in the iconic Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite, The Langham Huntington in Pasadena, although my favourite was the Inter-Continental, The Clement Monterey – we had our own fireplace in the room. Most stays are 2-nights so you’re not moving every day. The tour guide is always someone really experienced (and Larry was no different), he’s worked for Tauck for many years, even spent years taking trips around Australia and New Zealand so he enjoyed sharing our unique (and very different) sense of humour to the Americans.

But something that surprised me and I didn’t really think about it before we left, was I didn’t touch my luggage at all. I mean at all. When we arrived at a new hotel within minutes Larry would come back onboard (our luxury coach complete with free Wi-Fi etc.) with our room keys, our room accounts having been set up without us having to go near the reception desk. We would walk to our room and our luggage would be placed on the luggage racks there ready for us, we just had to open them. It really increased the enjoyment I must say.

Another highlight were the evening meals. For dinner we would dine at delightful restaurants at whatever time we liked, dining with whomever we liked and ordering what we liked and just signing it over to Tauck – included in the price. And speaking of dinner, there as usually on average 6 single people on each tour but they always had us mingling nicely so no one ever dined on their own which was lovely.

Okay, so I have set the scene for the trip. In the next blog post I will share with you some of the highlights of the places we enjoyed.