Princess Cruise Tour Alaska By Vicki Macpherson

The US paid 7.2 million for Alaska in 1867, buying it from the Russians. Twice the size of Texas, it is USA’s largest state, but sparsely populated. On our Princess cruise-tour of SW Alaska, many of the people that served, drove, rowed, flew or guided us through this precious place, called it home between Apr […]


Aloha! This is of course the welcome you receive as soon as you set foot on the beautiful shores of Hawaii. Learn to say it quickly, as you will hear it constantly throughout your holiday in Hawaii, it has several meanings. The Hawaiian locals are some of the friendliest I have ever come across, their […]

California’s Gold Coast with Tauck Tours by Joanne Harding-Smith (part 2)

So our tour started in San Francisco. Coincidentally the tour started on a crazy weekend where the population was nearly triple what is usually is. The America’s Cup was on, as was Fleet week (yes navy was in town, hellooo sailor), annual air show + there were two college playoffs so it was bedlam. Fun […]

California’s Gold Coast with Tauck Tours by Joanne Harding-Smith (part 1)

Last month I went to Santa Monica to attend our annual Owner/Manager conference and a few of us thought we’d extend and do the drive trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. However we spotted a Tauck tour that started in San Francisco and ended in LA and fitted in perfectly before the conference so […]