My Bhutan Experience By Sharyn Lucchetta Maverick Travel

  I couldn’t believe my good luck or good Karma when I was given the opportunity to visit the small Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.  Very few countries left on Earth have been able to maintain their pure culture.  Bordering China and India, with Tibet to the North, it is a land locked country with soaring […]

Mekong River Cruise with APT by Juanita Windsor

Malaysia Airlines flight 764 lowered over Siem Reap whilst those of us with window seats were awed by the expanse of Tonle Sap Lake – a pre-taste of interesting and amazing sights we were to behold during the next 10 days. No trains, planes or cars for the rest of the journey – instead, a […]

Hong Kong with Qantas and Qantas Holidays by Joanne Harding-Smith

So I just went on my first family in two years. Unfortunately for Sally (fortunately for me) she was unable to go so I found myself jetting off with 11 other lovelies (+ one man) to Honkers for the recent May long weekend. I went via Sydney so I could finally try the A380 with […]

Halina’s Hints for Turkey

When sending clients to Turkey, Greece and Jordan etc. I love to use a supplier with great contacts and who knows these places inside and out. Halina from Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre is someone who has been doing this for decades and here she shares her tips on Turkey.If you wanted to treat yourself […]

Korea and Taiwan by Pam C.

We are avid travellers and have travelled extensively through Asia, so we were a bit ho-hum when we decided on a trip to Korea and Taiwan, sightseeing in Seoul on our own followed by a flight to Taipei which connected with a seven-day ATM Travel tour of Taiwan.Departing Brisbane Airport on Korean Airlines, we flew […]