Diamond Jubilee Celebrations by Alison Wilson

What a wonderful time to be in England with all the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations happening, and I hadn’t even planned it that way. Villages and towns were decorated with red, white and blue bunting and there was a festive air everywhere, and even a certain buzz among the people in the street.

Sunday 3rd June produced a spectacular on the Thames we shall never see again in our lifetime. Oh, so the weather let us down, grey, overcast and some rain, but non of that daunted the crowds who lined every advantage point along the mighty river just to catch a glimpse of the Queen and attending Royals as they sailed down the river. The flotilla was led by an eight-bell floating belfry. There were hundreds of man-powered boats from Maori dugouts, Venetian gondolas to Cornish sciffs. They were followed by every imaginable motorized boat that ply and have plied Britian’s seas and inland waterways, an amazing variety of vessels, some lived on permanently by their owners.

What a surprise to see the steam locomotive Princess Elizabeth on Chelsea Bridge whistling and steaming away. Then watching the bascules on Tower Bridge being raised as the flotilla passed through. The Royal College of Music Chamber Choir singing Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia in pouring rain will be a sight never forgotten.

The following day was to be our street party, for which the street was closed to all traffic and a long line of tables were set out on the road for 100 plus participants and all decorated in red white and blue. Yes it did rain on and off and umbrellas came in handy. Certain people had been delegated to prepare different foods and the men folk were manning the eight barbecues cooking a variety of meat to go with the assorted salads.
So much food and a quite amazing array of puddings too (don’t say desserts in England).

The evening was finished by watching the concert outside Buckingham Palace and performed around Queen Victoria’s statue (what would she have thought of such a thing). Can’t say I was enthralled by some of the artists performing but it did appear to appeal to the majority.

I think we are all amazed at the energy the Queen showed during these celebrations for her Jubilee and which were climaxed by the service at St Pauls, and the flypast as she stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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