When sending clients to this part of the world, I love to use a supplier with great contacts and who knows these places inside and out. Halina from Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre is someone who has been doing this for decade, we have already shared her tips on Turkey, here she shares her tips on Egypt.

Giza Plateau - Great Sphinx with Pyramid of Khafre in backgroundCairo, the largest city in the Arab world, is a city with
so much to offer.

  • Experience a city that sits on the edge of the desert with
    easy access to the Great Pyramid of Cheops, dating
    back to 2,500BC, as well as two smaller pyramids
    which belonged to Cheops’ son and grandson.
  • Experience the wonder of seeing the Sphinx – that
    incredible monument with a lion’s body and a human
  • Experience Khan El Khalili, which dates back to 1382,
    one of the great bazaars in the world.
  • Experience a coffee at El Fishawy, which has been open
    in the Khan El Khalili bazaar nonstop since 1752.
  • Experience the Egyptian Museum and view some of
    the 136,000 Pharaonic treasures on display. Regarded
    as both Old (2700 to 2200 BC) and New (1600 to
    1200BC) there are another 40,000 or so items in the
    basement due to lack of display space.
  • egypt-unsplash Experience the twelfth century Citadel, one of the
    world’s greatest monuments to medieval warfare, a
    highly visible landmark on Cairo’s eastern skyline.
  • Experience Cairo, a city that’s a must to visit for its
    many wonders.

Maverick Travel would like to thank Halina at Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre, her knowledge and experience counts for everything so that your experience lacks for nothing!