Aloha! This is of course the welcome you receive as soon as you set foot on the beautiful shores of Hawaii. Learn to say it quickly, as you will hear it constantly throughout your holiday in Hawaii, it has several meanings. The Hawaiian locals are some of the friendliest I have ever come across, their smiles and kindness will make you feel welcome the moment you begin your Hawaii Adventure.

I was very lucky to experience a flight on the new direct service that has commenced flying direct from Brisbane to Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines (full service and includes 2-pieces of luggage per person, yes, that’s right, 2 – it’s not a typo).

Waikiki is an experience on its own! It can be a stepping stone to other islands or you can spend your whole time there. It is purely up to your imagination. One thing to remember about Hawaiian hotels though, they do have “resort fees” that are paid directly, on a daily basis. This fee allows you to have extra’s in your room and it isn’t optional, it is a mandatory charge.

The beaches! Well us Queenslanders are spoilt…we are biased and cannot admit to any other beach in the world being as spectacular as ours but having recently spent a weekend at Surfers Paradise I have to say Waikiki won hands down! It is a sight to behold. A Sunday afternoon at the famously known Dukes on the beach with a cocktail listening to the live local band, certainly makes you think you are on the most beautiful beach in the world. Then as soon as you drive up the coast a little further and you sit back and have a cocktail on another beach you’ll again think that beach is the best in the world.

The Shopping! Undoubtedly you will come home with an extra suitcase. The selection of shops, markets and Malls in Waikiki could easily set you shopping for 3 days straight and only coming up for air to eat and gain energy for your next purchase.

Once you can pull yourself away from the beaches, cocktails and shopping an evening of fun at a Luau must be enjoyed! You will get your local experience of “intense” hula dancing and singing, the local cuisine is served with the back drop of a sunset to blow your mind. The whole experience from the moment you board the 40 min coach to take you out to the Luau and then to the moment you are returned back to your hotel, is an evening you will talk about forever.

You can then also visit the Kualoa Ranch for horseback riding, revving it up the mountain on an ATV, doing the blockbuster Movie scene sites and so much more, it will take up the best part of your day.

Hawaii is something a family as a whole must explore together, having been there 20yrs ago as a young “party goer” to now being somewhat more mature and as a mother, I cannot wait to return to Hawaii again with all the family members, your family will thank you forever as the fun is never ending, you will all come home talking about it to everyone until you return again. Aloha!