So I just went on my first family in two years. Unfortunately for Sally (fortunately for me) she was unable to go so I found myself jetting off with 11 other lovelies (+ one man) to Honkers for the recent May long weekend. I went via Sydney so I could finally try the A380 with Qantas from Sydney to Hong Kong. So we flew from Brisbane to Sydney on the tail leg of the triangulation service from Dallas on a 747 – it was one of the newly configured ones so just like the A380 on the inside. I was very fortunate to travel business class all the way to Hong Kong and it was heaaaven. Food just lovely, staff were very attentive, professional yet relaxed, yes this is a photo of me, Captain Jo in the cockpit of the A380 (what do you expect after starting on the mimosas in the Qantas club lounge at 6am after having about 2 hours sleep).

We ran into all sorts of people going to Hong Kong, whether it be a stopover, or having a bucks weekend, ladies shopping trip, couples getaway – you name it, Hong Kong has the appeal for us all. Normally I just do Kowloon side, with perhaps a quick trip over to the Stanley Markets. This time we had a couple of nights on the Island. We stayed at the Excelsior, a good 4-star hotel. Great roof top terrace, extremely comfortable beds (I’m fussy), incidently, it is the official hotel for the Rugby 7’s so they will be releasing good packages and you can walk to the stadium from there (very handy). It also has two shopping centres attached to it – very handy again.

We currently get HKD$8 to our $1 so everything is cheap for us. Taxi over to Stanley Markets costs $12 and is a 40 minute drive. Stanley Markets is better than ever, I found it had better quality items than the Ladies & night markets over at Mongkok and the prices were cheaper. Ie. The Jimmy Choo bags started at 2 for HKD350, whereas in Kowloon one started at HKG390 and you had to work hard to haggle down to HKD150. Some stores were even fixed price and I even found clothes in my size (gasp). I am now the proud owner of the most exquisite floor length evening dress, 100% silk for around $50.

Next door to the markets they have rejuvenated that entire waterfront area and it’s just lovely. Lots of lovely bars, cafes and shops so allow plenty of time to relax after your shop and do some people watching. Fun on a Saturday morning as a few brides and grooms were there getting some fun photos.

I’ll have to continue this article in the next addition – I will “touch” on the nightlife and staying at the Langham Hotel in Kowloon (home of one of the earlier MasterChef shows).

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