By the time 7th November arrived I was looking forward to my cruise for some rest and relaxation. When I announced I was going on the cruise and Sun Princess, I think some people looked at me skeptically and thought was I going on the right boat with a young family as cruising definitely give the impression that you need to be 65+ to want to go on a cruise ship. Well let me dispel that rumor by saying that 30% of the clients on board were 40’s or below and whilst this is a small percentage it is growing all the time.

Think about it you have a family with 2 children and you have a limited budget, well with a family cruise most of your concerns are catered for. On Sun Princess the Horizon Court buffet restaurant is open from 5.30am to midnight daily, a wide selection of different food available even my 10 yr old child who is a very fussy eater found plenty to his taste. So there is the first concern taken care of, FOOD and with this comes an unlimited supply of lemon cordial, water, tea and coffee all day, but I hear you say my children like to drink coke. Aha but this can be solved as well you can pre-purchase a soft drinks package for $5.00 per day which gives your children and you if you like that, to have unlimited soda all day.
The other great facility for kids and adults alike with the sweet tooth is unlimited ice cream from 11am to 9pm, great for hot days relaxing in the sun by the pool.
Next I here you say if I am to relax what do my kids do all day, again sorted the kid’s clubs on board really good, kept my 10 yr old and teenager entertained throughout the day, on sea days the service is a bit limited but then you are off the ship enjoying the ports that the ship is visiting.

I said in my title that there are criticisms and these are purely my own opinions, but the cabins are small and 4 people in 1 cabin “very stuffy” but having said that how much time do you spend in the cabin? Also I found the entertainment very much geared to the 65+ person and not enough was done to meet the needs of the younger generations, but don’t let these deter you from enjoying a very nice ship and if you like food you will be in paradise.

If you consider going for a cruise on Sun Princess or Dawn Princess her identical sister ship, then here is a tip aim for a cabin on Deck 8 or Deck 9 as when it comes to a good nights sleep these decks are insulated from the noise that may emanate from the Pool Deck or the Lower Decks.

The Cruise option is a great idea for the family holiday and now there are so many good ships visiting Australia that the possibilities are endless so why not consider this for your next family holiday.